Friends of Famosa Slough
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Click here for a printable application for Friends Membership (PDF format).

Friends of Famosa Slough
PO Box 87280
San Diego, CA 92138-7280
(619) 224-4591

Goals of FFS:

The main goals of Friends of Famosa Slough are to help restore the slough and to promote public awareness of the importance of wetlands.

Driving directions to Famosa Slough:
To get to Famosa Slough, go west on I-8 to the end, follow the signs toward Nimitz Boulevard. Turn left at West Point Loma Boulevard. After you cross Famosa Boulevard, on the right, look for a parking space and park.
Our usual meeting place is the wooden kiosk on Famosa Boulevard about 150' south of West Point Boulevard.

photos by Digiteers

Famosa Slough Aerial Map

On this map, we've marked the walking trails, location of benches as well as the five water monitoring sites. Please take our virtual tour by clicking on the arrows to see Famosa Slough from that location. Click on any of the water monitoring sites to see where the measurements are made.

If you are interested in a tour of Famosa Slough, please check for our next nature and bird walk.
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